Claris FileMaker 20.1.2 beschikbaar

Claris Filemaker 2023

Claris FileMaker Pro én Claris FileMaker Server  20.1.2: Met deze software wordt Claris FileMaker 20.1 bijgewerkt naar versie 20.1.2 en worden diverse problemen opgelost.

Enkel nog in Engelstalige tekst beschikbaar:

Claris FileMaker Server Release Notes

Addressed issues

  • Attempting to access FileMaker Server Admin Console while Restrict Access was enabled resulted in an unintended connection error.
  • Summary fields displayed as empty when they existed on ESS tables and the summary fields were supplemental fields.
  • FileMaker script changes were not immediately available to FileMaker Data API clients until the FileMaker Data API session ended.
  • Imported administrator role privileges were disabled after importing FileMaker Server 16 settings if the settings were exported after restarting the FileMaker Server 16 service or admin server.
  • FileMaker WebDirect: In List View, uncommitted characters in a record failed to commit correctly when the record was scrolled out of view and a commit-triggering action was performed.
  • A memory leak in the web publishing engine caused unusually high memory usage and noticeably impacted performance.
  • FileMaker WebDirect: Buttons and button bars sometimes failed to revert their hover styles when users moused out from them by scrolling quickly in List View.
  • FileMaker WebDirect: Occasional “Communication problem” error occurred in FileMaker WebDirect, accompanied by the message “Invalid JSON from server: 1|X”.
  • Windows: Performance counters for non-English FileMaker Server installations were missing in the Performance Monitor.

Claris FileMaker Pro Release Notes

Addressed issues

  • The Close Window script step in a script triggered by the OnWindowTransaction script trigger failed to close the document window.
  • The following French script trigger name and description translations have changed:
    • OnWindowTransaction (English)
      • SurOperationFenetre is updated to SurTransactionFenetre (French)

    The following French control script step name and description translations have changed:

    • Revert Transaction (English)
      • “Annuler l’opération” is updated to “Annuler la transaction” (French)
    • Open Transaction (English)
      • “Ouvrir une opération” is updated to “Ouvrir une transaction” (French)
    • Commit Transaction (English)
      • “Valider l’opération” is updated to “Valider la transaction” (French)
  • The following French design function name and description translations have changed:
    • BaseTableIDs (English)
      • IDsTableBase is updated to IDsTablesBase (French)
    • BaseTableNames (English)
      • NomsTableBase is updated to NomsTablesBase (French)
    • TableIDs (English)
      • IDTable is updated to IDsTables (French)
    • LayoutIDs (English)
      • IDModele is updated to IDsModeles (French)
    • ScriptIDs (English)
      • IDScript is updated to IDsScripts (French)
    • FieldIDs (English)
      • IDRubrique is updated to IDsRubriques (French)
    • ValueListIDs (English)
      • IDListeValeurs is updated to IDsListesValeurs (French)
  • The Get ( ModifiedFields ) function failed to return all field modifications when a field repetition other than the first repetition was modified.
  • Creating, modifying, and deleting find requests incorrectly triggered the OnWindowTransaction script trigger.

Update vandaag naar Claris FileMaker 20.1.2.

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